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Steel City was formed early in 1981 when four lads who wanted something different broke away from the Scorpions. We then moved to the Cocked Hat at Attercliffe but sadly folded a few years later. We bounced back in 1990 when we were based at the Rose Inn and Steel City Scooters with members form Sheffield, Nottingham, Barnsley and Mansfield again doing most of the rallies and custom shows. Again this sadly only lasted for a few years.

2005 sees the rebirth of the club with members from 17 to late 50's junior riding pillions we go on regular ride outs and attend most rallies. Come down and meet us at or see us at The Royal Standard, Sheffield.Or on the rallies.

Explore Sheffield by scooter

Located in South Yorkshire, England, Sheffield is a unique city with a remarkable industrial heritage and many attractions for tourists. With plenty of green sceneries and motorways connected with the city center or with London and Leeds, it would be a splendid opportunity for people to use their scooters and venture on a trip. Spend some thrilling moments in one of the greenest town in Britain and explore notable locations and views. Make sure you take your camera for unforgettable pictures.

There are many paths you can choose if you plan a tour around Sheffield with your scooter or a rented one. This place is best seen from behind the motorbike’s handlebars. This way, you will not rely on other expensive means of transportation and you will save more money for other fun activities. Bring your family or friends for an amazing experience on the roads. Take advantage of your time together and stop wherever you want to for visits.

Whether you swing by the Walk of Fame in the center of Sheffield, or you let the roads take you back in time with a stop by numerous impressive buildings, savor each moment. Take a journey to the Town Hall and feast your eyes with Victorian and Gothic architecture. After dark, do not waste your time when you can pay a visit to the multiple restaurants, pubs, lively clubs, cinema complexes and have an incredible adventure.

From children to adults, motors are a great way to have fun and relax. Ride them everywhere you want and cherish your surroundings. Visit a theater or the Millennium Gallery and take pleasure in the town’s cultural life. Take your kids to the The Kelham Island Museum for history lessons about the industrial era and the modern times’ industry. If you love animals, do not miss on a trip to the Tropical Butterfly House, where you can admire extraordinary creatures.

Famous for its green spaces, Sheffield is home to the Winter Garden and the Botanical Garden. These places are a perfect getaway from the noise or traffic in the city for all the family members. You can see different types of plants with collections from all over the world. With a long history, the Botanical Garden includes many green areas, restored buildings and glass pavilions. Combine pleasure with education and enjoy your magical moments in this nature’s oasis.

The popularity of Sheffield comes from the spectacular landscapes and the big number of parks and woods throughout the urban area. Go to the Peak district near the city by motor and find all the natural treasures. You will come across breathtaking viewpoints that will help you relieve stress and take a break from all the worries. Let your kids run free through the park, explore trails and play games or plan outdoor activities like hiking.

You can travel to the Moor Market and buy your supplies such as fresh vegetables and fruits, organic meat, or you can try international meals from the cafes and food stalls. Discover Sheffield differently and reconnect with your friends. Plan a tour around it and strengthen your bond with your mates. Take your scooter and enjoy the ride!

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Promoting healthy hair

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